Casting Call

Here is the latest 911 e-Learning Casting Call!

Strickland Brothers University Training

Actor, e-Learning Video(s)
Late June/Early July — Lexington, NC(*)

We are looking for a confident, assertive, and friendly presenter for a series of e-Learning content for an automotive care company (Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change). We are most interested in a WOMAN of ANY AGE, preferably Hispanic, Asian, or African-American, who speaks articulately with a relatively neutral accent. However, actors of any gender or ethnicity are encouraged to audition! You must be able to travel to Lexington, NC to be considered for the role*.

The production will consist of a “˜talking head’ presenter reading the provided script in front of a green screen. The production is planned for two days, June 22 – June 23 (currently scheduled for the last week of June/first two weeks of July); however, these dates are flexible, and we can make accommodations up to within one week after the slated dates.

Our crew will consist of two: One director/camera operator, and one sound engineer.

Compensation will be per diem, regardless of if the production completes early. Our standard rate for an actor is $180 per day, for a total of $360 for the full production. Your contract will be on a “for hire” basis; all usage/duplication rights will solely belong to Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change. However, we will ensure that you can use your performance in a demo reel, per your request.

How to Audition:

Attached you will find a short excerpt from the training material:

You must record an audition of yourself reading this script; please make sure you are well-lit and your audio is clean and easy to hear. Frame yourself in a “˜medium shot’ (from waist to above your head), and ensure that the video is smaller than 50 mb.

Once your recording is complete, click the button below this page. This will take you to a form hosted on 911 e-Learning Solutions’ website. Please fill out this form completely and attach your audition recording where indicated! You must use this form to submit your audition.

*If you have the ability, we are open to anyone who can provide the footage remotely. If you cannot travel to our studio in NC, but have the capability to record professional-grade audio and 4K video in front of a green/blue screen, please send us an audition! We can negotiate additional expense for use of your equipment and studio space.