Community Colleges

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We contract with Community Colleges to provide online and hybrid courses.  The institutions contract with us through contractual services and we deliver the course and instruction.  If the course requires a skills component, we will either bring all the credentialed and qualified instructors to the institution for skills or for a reduced fee, the institution can provide its own instructors to work with our lead instructor to complete the skills sessions.


Learning Management System (LMS):
We can run the courses through our LMS (Moodle) or load them into your system (Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai), and teach them there. 


We will complete the paperwork exactly the way your institution wants it completed or
we can work with you and your school auditors to determine the best method for completion of paperwork including determining:


·         Course Entry Point (“academic” assignment as defined by DoE)


·         Capturing 10% Point (date vs. content)


·         Electronic vs. Physical Signatures (instructors & students)


·         Supporting Documentation (statistics, grades, syllabus, etc.)


Our typical paperwork* packet includes a completed course attendance sheet (school specific), course syllabus, and course grades.


*Procedures vary from one institution to another as to exactly how they want the paperwork completed.  This is usually based on the institution’s Accountability & Credibility Plan and history with NCCCS Auditors.  If you so choose, we can work with you and your auditors to find the most effective and efficient method for online course paperwork.


We complete all of our paperwork on the day class ends and submit it to the
coordinator immediately via e-mail (if acceptable) or USPS if required. 


Course fees range from $25 - $38 per hour and include the delivery of content,
completion of paperwork, instructional services, and technical support for students. Before you panic, keep in mind that the institution is not paying employment fees like FICA and Unemployment.  The fee is an exempted contractor fee and not subjected to those fees.  This keeps our fees right on target with normal payroll for instructors, and in someinstances, less.


Course Capacity and Overage Charges:
Our courses currently have a 30 student capacity before we institute an overage fee.
For each student over the course capacity (at the 10% point**) we charge $1.50/student/hour of instruction (Example:  In a 3 hour course, each student over 30 @ the 10% point will cost [$1.5 x 3hr=$4.50]).  We offer the institution the opportunity to create an additional section or pay the overage fee.  In many cases, it is cheaper for the institution to pay the overage fee rather than create another section at $35/hr for only a handful of students.


**We only bill overage fees for students that make it past the 10% point of the class.  That way you do not pay for students that you will not be collecting FTE for!


How do I get started:​​​​​​​​​​

Contact us in the office by calling:  336-971-7771 or e-mailing: and we will get you setup right away!