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We offer online and hybrid (blended) courses through a variety of community colleges or via our On-Demand methods.  Whether you take the course through one of our community college clients or our On-Demand classes, you will receive the same quality designed courses and continuing education (CE) hours.


CE Through Community Colleges

Here in North Carolina we have a unique fee structure through the Community College System.  Some North Carolina based emergency services workers (Fire, Rescue, Law, EMS) are able to take courses for free.  We here at 911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC recognize the benefits this offers our Brothers and Sisters.  We embrace these opportunities to provide affordable quality continuing education by partnering with community colleges to offer our courses at reduced rates.  You can search our schedule of courses below to see what we have coming up. 


These courses require you to register with the particular agency/school and work within their online program rules and Learning Management System (LMS).  But don’t worry, we will be there and available to help you if you get stuck.  If you are not fee waived or fee exempt, you will need to pay for class during your registration process.  These fees range from $70 - $180+ per course depending on the course.


By far some of our most popular courses are the EMT and Paramedic Refreshers. These courses are intensive reviews for the level of credential and REQUIRE on campus attendance for skills.


People take our refresher courses for one of three main reasons:


Recredential- Your North Carolina credential (EMT, EMT-I, Paramedic) is nearing expiration​.  Upon successful completion of our refresher course we will renew your NC credential for another 4 years.


National Registry- Your National Registry credential is nearing expiration or you are preparing to take the NR exam.  Upon successful completion of our course, you will receive a certificate of completion showing that you have successfully completed our course.


Reentry*- Your North Carolina credential is expired (Less than 4 years) and you want to get it back.  Upon successful completion of our refresher course, you will be able to schedule yourself to retake the NCOEMS state credentialing exam. 


Course Description:

This course is 100% approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS.  Successful completion of this course will meet ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR NORTH CAROLINA Recredentialing and/or Re-entry* in the NC EMS System. 



Re-entry is the term used when a North Carolina Provider has allowed his/her credential to expire.  As long as the credential has not been expired for more than 4 years, he/she may complete an approved refresher course and then sit for the state credentialing exam.


Course Delivery/Design: 

Students will have access to instructors and support throughout the entire course through e-mail, text, or telephone. Students will be required to complete an in-person skills evaluation and Technical Scope of Practice (TSOP)


Course Learning Objectives:

This course exceeds the DOT Refresher Guidelines and is designed to refresh the knowledge and skill-set of EMT Paramedics.


National Registry Disclaimer: 

This course meets or exceeds the current nationally accepted standards for refresher education and can be used towards the National Registry’s National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).  The National Registry no longer endorses the Traditional Model.  The NCCP has three components:  National, Local/State, and Individual.  The National and Local/State Components have strict distributive education limits for each level.  Please visit for more detailed information. 


Common Questions Regarding the NREMT:


I do not live in North Carolina.  Can I use your courses for the National Registry (NREMT) re-entry or recertification processes?

Yes.  The NREMT accepts state-approved or CAPCE accredited education.  911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC is approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS and can be used by those who are outside of the state for NREMT. 


Is this course considered “Distributive Education” by the NREMT?

The National Registry and CAPCE define distributive education as a method of delivering EMS education where the education, student, and materials are not able to interact in real time.  Examples of distributive education include, but not limited to: online courses, journal article reviews, videos, recording, phone calls, emails, discussion board forums, and self-paced online education.


Note: For self-paced online or hybrid courses, online course content is considered distributive education, while your time or hours physically present in the classroom interacting with a live instructor would not be distributive education.


What is valid, or accepted continuing education for the NREMT?


The National Registry accepts any state-approved* or CAPCE accredited education for the re-entry and recertification processes.  Please keep in mind that the National Registry also has additional eligibility and specific education requirements, such as distributive education limits, that must also be followed.   Please visit their General Policies page at for more information.

*911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC is 100% approved by the North Carolina State Office of EMS​.  You may use any of our courses for National Registry continuing education, regardless of the state in which you reside!  Note:  If you maintain a state credential, separate from the National Registry, you should confirm with that agency what is accepted.  Please make sure you are aware of the Distributive Education limitations outlined at


Refresher Courses

Transition Courses


Course Description:

These courses are 100% approved by the North Carolina State Office of EMS.


These courses are intended to transition a provider currently credentialed as an EMT or EMT-Paramedic over to the National EMT or NRP level.  These courses review the material and skills that have been removed from the scope of practice as well as introduce and review the new material and skills for the State and National levels.


"The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services stands committed to the Providers that serve the State of North Carolina and its Citizens. Though North Carolina does not recognize National Registry, the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services encourages EMS Providers to strive for a quality that provides excellence…" (NCOEMS EMT Transition Course Policy)


IMPORTANT:  As this material includes new skills and medications for both NC and National Registry, it is imperative that providers be aware that this content does not replace their current protocols (Local, NCCEP, State) or the approved medications and skills formulary that has been approved by the North Carolina Medical Board or your local agency.