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We have extensive experience working within the NCCCS CE guidelines, NCOEMS, OSFM, and NCCCS Audit Services (especially as they relate to CE and Hybrid/Online courses).  When you contract with us, we will work hand in hand with you and your internal/external auditors to assure all course procedures, final paperwork, and course oversight meets the NCCCS Admin. Code, your Accountability & Credibility Plan, and meets the approval of your internal/external auditors.  Our goal is to help you meet the educational needs of your students with stellar integrity and quality that reflects positively on your institution!

Online Course Design (Instructional Design) Services:​​

Do you have a course you want to develop?  No matter what the topic is, we can help you design the course to go online!  With experienced Instructional Designers, you can build a top quality e-Learning course that will be interactive, engaging, educational, and objective based with mapped outcomes​.

Hybrid Courses​:

Our Hybrid courses are designed with the exact same quality design and objective based mapping as our fully online courses.  The only difference is that hybrid courses have some type of on campus component.  This typically involves hands on skills to help the students achieve mastery of the course and meet objectives. When we teach a hybrid course through your institution, you have the option of contracting with us to bring all necessary instructors or you can provide your own skills instructor(s) for the skills day.


911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC provides high quality e-Learning courses in both hybrid and fully online models. All courses are written by highly qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) and designed for online learning by experienced instructional designers (IDs) using the latest techniques and technologies. Our courses can be taught in any LMS and are objective based with mapped, measurable student learning outcomes. Our instructors are cross trained to deliver our courses in a variety of LMSs including Blackboard and Moodle.

​Agency Specific CE:

Continuing Education for individual agencies.  Would you like to offer CE for your entire agency?  With our Custom CE track, we build your CE schedule and put it in online format.  Your agency will receive its own customized CE Center where you can choose your own CE schedule.  Only your department and those you choose to allow access will be able to view your training.​


You can train your entire agency for a fraction of the cost of a traditional training class.  No more overtime for CE!  Your personnel can complete the training at work and avoid coming in on their days off!


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