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David Robertson

David Robertson | 911 e-Learning Solutions LLC

Director of Applications and Media

David has been involved in media production and post-production since 2006. In that time, he has been a photographer, videographer, filmmaker, editor, screenwriter, composer, actor (on-screen and voice), and digital artist. He studied media production at UNC-Greensboro’s School of Media Studies, and he has experience with productions ranging from personal films and photoshoots to feature films. 

He joined 911 e-Learning Solutions as a contractor during a video shoot in 2017, and his role has continued to evolve since then. He strives to capture the highest quality of media for our team to make the most professional content possible, and to encourage us to be at the cutting edge of digital media and interactive design trends. 

In his downtime, he enjoys tinkering with computers and electronics, building models, and writing and playing music. 

  • Musician 
  • Audiophile 
  • Microphone collector 
  • General tech enthusiast