NCCR ALS Recertification Packages

Our NCCR Recertification Packages offer the hours you need for Paramedic recertification!

Select the recertification package that you need!

Are you looking for ConEd hours in a specific category required by NCCR Paramedic recertification?

These packages have been developed based on categories of necessary CE for NCCR paramedic recertification. If you’re up for recertification but are missing the hours in a given category, our packages will give you the hours you need!

These modules have been built to the Paramedic recertification model, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful for others! These packages would be perfect for an AEMT looking for additional continuing education hours as well.

These packages also provide topic-specific refreshers for any providers who may need remediation after going through a peer review or patient care process.

For example:

A provider makes a mistake while taking care of a patient during a heart attack. During the peer review process, the team can recommend the provider under review find a Cardiology class to take as a refresher, or perhaps go through ACLS again.

Our NCCR Cardiovascular Recert Package gives them a perfect remediation option so they don’t have to waste time searching for a specific course!


When you purchase a package, you will be enrolled in each module individually. You can find all of these modules on your My Courses page, and also inside our full Learning System.

NCCR Recert Package: Airway Management

NCCR Recert Package: Cardiovascular

NCCR Recert Package: Trauma

NCCR Recert Package: Medical

NCCR Recert Package: Operations

On-Demand Courses DO NOT qualify for fee-waivers. Fee waivers are only available through one of our NC Community College Partners.