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Our leadership has over 20 years of experience working with the North Carolina Community College (NCCC) system.

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Are you looking to expand your online EMS Continuing Education (CE) offerings? Maybe you are just getting started in online EMS CE. We’re here to help!

Our leadership has over 20 years of experience working with the North Carolina Community College (NCCC) system as Coordinators and Directors in EMS and Fire. We are intimately familiar with the position you are in and are here to help!

We contract with Community Colleges to provide online and hybrid courses. The institution contracts with us through contractual services and we do most of the heavy lifting for you!

If the course requires a skills component, we will either bring all the credentialed and qualified instructors to the institution for skills, or, for a reduced fee, the institution can provide its own instructors to work with our lead instructor to complete the skills sessions.

Your responsibility:

  1. Set up the course
  2. Advertise through your normal channels
  3. Take registrations
  4. Send us the list of registered students
  5. Reserve room(s) (Hybrid Courses)
  6. SIT BACK AND RELAX while we handle the rest!

What we do:

  1. Provide robust list of available courses
  2. Confirm courses and dates with coordinator
  3. Advertise the course through our channels
  4. Build the course
  5. Submit Syllabus (to coordinator and NCOEMS if necessary)
  6. Hire/provide instructor(s)
  7. Coordinate instructor(s) and skill sessions (Hybrid Courses)
  8. Create/copy the course in Moodle
  9. Test course for accuracy
  10. Gentle reminders to coordinator
  11. Receive registered student list
  12. Enroll registered students in Moodle
  13. Open course access
  14. Contact students with access information
  15. Communicate course information to students (enrollment assignments and dates for drop)
  16. Gentle reminders to students regarding census dates
  17. Gentle reminders to students regarding end of course dates
  18. Issue Certificates of Completion (Printable in all courses)
  19. Advise and Grade Students in Continuum (Refresher Courses)
  20. Close course access
  21. Download and archive grades
  22. Download and archive statistics
  23. Complete course attendance records & forms
  24. Sign (physically or electronically) course attendance records
  25. Submit “course packet” to coordinator within 72 hours of course closure
  26. Maintain course and “course packet” for 5 years
  27. Provide Audit Support (Especially important when coordinators change)

Learning Management System (LMS): Courses are hosted on our LMS taking the burden of LMS administration off the college. We use Moodle since it is familiar and accepted within the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). This allows us to obtain familiar reports to avoid confusion or compliance concerns.

Since we host the courses through our LMS, WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! We take care of:

· Creating the course
· Loading the students, coordinators and other administrators (as necessary for audits)
· Adding / Removing students
· Communicating with students for access
· Technical support for students (including password resets)
· Running reports and statistics as necessary

Paperwork: We will complete the paperwork exactly the way your institution wants it completed or we can work with you and your school compliance team to determine the best method for completion of paperwork including determining:

· Course Entry Point (“academic” assignment as defined by DoE)
· Capturing 10% Point (date vs. content)
· Electronic vs. Physical Signatures (instructors & students)
· Supporting Documentation (statistics, grades, syllabus, etc.)

Our typical paperwork* packet includes a completed course attendance sheet (school specific), course syllabus, course grades, and an invoice. Click each link below for examples.

*Procedures vary from one institution to another as to exactly how they want the paperwork completed. This is usually based on the institution’s Accountability & Credibility Plan and history with NCCCS Compliance Officers (Auditors). We work with you and your compliance team to ensure compliance and proactively avoid audit exceptions.

Timelines: We generally complete paperwork on the day class ends and submit it to the coordinator immediately via e-mail (if acceptable) or USPS if required. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around times for course paperwork.

Fees: Our fees are “all-inclusive” and are based on the institution’s regular instructional hourly rates ($25 – $38 per hour) and include the Learning Management System (LMS) and delivery of content, student support, instructional services, completion of paperwork, and proactive/retroactive audit support.

Course Capacity and Overage Charges: Our courses have capacity of 30 students before we institute an overage fee. For each student over the course capacity (at the census date (10% point))** we charge $1.50/student/hour of instruction (Example: In a 3-hour course, each student over 30 @ the 10% point will cost [$1.5 x 3hr=$4.50]).

**We only bill overage fees for students that make it to census. We realize that you only collect FTE for students that make it to the census date. Therefore, we only charge overages for students that you will be collecting FTE for!

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