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911 e-Learning Solutions isn’t simply an industry leader in online education.

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Since 2010, 911 e-Learning has specialized in designing, developing, and teaching e-Learning initial and continuing education courses in fully online and hybrid formats.

911 e-Learning Solutions isn’t simply an industry leader in online education. We are an innovation in a field inundated with experts, trailblazing a better approach to e-Learning development for healthcare and public safety.

We can create effective courses at more affordable price points because of our immersion in the Emergency Services and Healthcare fields. We don’t just develop Healthcare and Public Safety education: We live Public Safety and Healthcare.

Why 911 e-Learning is the Perfect Fit:

We are Your Subject Matter Experts.

We are not only an e-Learning design and development company, we are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who pride ourselves on having the background and experience in EMS, Fire, Rescue, and Healthcare to build better courses, faster. Because our Subject Matter Experts are also professional designers, developers, videographers, and photographers, we can produce e-Learning in a fraction of the time by cutting out the back-and-forth communications between SMEs and other team members.

Our unique team qualifications help you to avoid the delays and frustrations of relying on SMEs with limited time and resources to devote to content creation. Our team can produce content for your course with their single focus on the project from storyboard draft to final script. Streamline the process ““ and your budget ““ with the integrated solution to course development that makes 911 e-Learning Solutions unique.

We know Healthcare and Public Safety.

We are not only educators, we are also paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, and nurses. We are intimately familiar with our audiences including the learners, the material, and the unique educational fingerprint of Emergency Services providers.

Our design team has an abundance of experience designing e-Learning courses for Emergency Services tracking all the way back to 2000 when we pioneered online education for EMS.

We have a proven track record with e-Learning for organizations of all sizes.

Our solutions and services are scalable no matter what the magnitude of your project. From the smallest rural ambulance services to multi-national publishers, 911 e-Learning Solutions has the experience you are looking for and a reputation you can trust. Our clients include non-profits, state and local governmental sectors, large corporations, and everything in between.

We have a versatile, multi-faceted team to meet every project need.

911 e-Learning Solutions does it all, with a talented team of authors, editors, graphic and media specialists including photographers/videographers, voice talents, and photo/video editors to support our expert instructional designers and developers. We can even offer access to EMS/Fire/Hospital equipment, actors, and scenes as necessary to create a unique product devoid of stock images, characters, and videos.

With 911 e-Learning Solutions, there’s no need to contract outside services because we can provide it in-house ““ saving dollars and hours every time.

After your course is created, we can take the next steps with you, helping you build a Learning Management System (LMS) on a variety of leading platforms to administer your course efficiently. If you’re looking for end-user technical support for the course or the LMS, we can help with that too.

We work with you, not just for you.

Collaboration is key to success, and we view each project as a partnership with the client. Your successes are our successes, so we take the time to listen to your goals, understand the project from the big picture to smallest details, and envision a solution that meets all your needs. We pride ourselves on being responsive, easy to work with, and available for consultations on your schedule as needed. Our holistic method combined with a wealth of in-house resources equates to a quick turnaround time and the ability to meet the tightest deadlines.

In short: Our unique comprehensive approach saves you time, money, and headaches by guiding you seamlessly through each step of the e-Learning course development process.