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Taryn Heinrich

Taryn Heinrich

Director of Nursing Education, Instructional Development

Taryn is well  versed  in medical knowledge.  She  was a CNA at 16, but decided nursing  was not  initially for  her,  so out of high school  she  attended DCCC to  become a  paramedic. Since  then,  she  obtained  her  B.S.  from Western Carolina  University,  and  has  worked on the truck for  years. This all  led to nursing school and a Masters in Nursing Education.  

She has worked in many areas of medicine including the operating room, ICU, emergency, bariatrics, primary care, and hospice/palliative care, and has served patients of all ages and populations in these areas. She has a great love for education and teaching others. 911 e-Learning Solutions has provided her with this opportunity for many years in the face to face setting as well as online education. 

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