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Peer Mentoring in EMS

Being a Paramedic Student is hard – very hard. Christine Turner unveils her research in this article about peer mentoring programs for students.

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The Only Good Turnovers are Pastries

Turnovers in football are stressful, but what about EMS Education? Christine Turner writes about the plethora of responsibilities of an EMS Program Director, as well as the real impacts of instructor and Program Director turnover.

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911 e-Learning Solutions Partners with iOps 360

The team at 911 e-Learning is excited to announce our partnership with iOps 360. iOps360 is a comprehensive operations management platform for Police, Fire, and EMS agencies. Scheduling, Vehicle Checks, Credentials, and Communications allow many agencies to operate efficiently while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Additional features such as Equipment tracking, Hydrants, Inventory, and Status boards ensure your agency stays […]

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Creating A Culture of (e) Learning

Have you found professional development or training to become boring? Are you a supervisor or administrator that struggles with having your team involved during training lessons? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, check out Jason’s article for how to make learning more engaging for EMS.