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Prehospital Preceptor Course

Prehospital Preceptor Course


Course Description

This Course is designed to provide the potential preceptor with the basic knowledge of educational methodology, generational learning styles, documentation, roles and responsibilities of preceptors, and the roles and responsibilities of students involved in an educational institution’s preceptor program.

Course material will include topics on basic methodology, adult learning styles, generational learning styles, tools and tips for preceptors. Upon completion the student will be able to: describe the three phases of an internship, list responsibilities of the preceptor and student, list multiple learning styles, and better understand the importance of preceptors in the overall education of healthcare providers.


Total Number of Credit Hours



Supplies or Other Requirements

Internet access* and valid/active e-mail account.

*You may use any internet browser you prefer; however, Mozilla Firefox is the preferred
browser, and Chrome may have compatibility issues. If you find that you are having
technical difficulties with the course, first try updating and/or switching browsers
(Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)