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Psychiatric and Behavioral ALS

Psychiatric and Behavioral ALS



Course Description

This course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to identify, assess, and manage psychiatric and behavioral emergencies. The following topics will be covered:

  • Identification, assessment, and management of psychiatric and behavioral emergencies. 
  • Basic definitions, epidemiology and pathophysiology principles. 
  • Common causes of behavioral alteration. 
  • Legal requirements and reporting. 
  • Scene safety and scene size-up 
  • Assessment for suicide risk. 
  • Special considerations. 
  • Chemical restraints. 
  • Agitated Delirium. 
  • Acute psychosis.

Total CEU

3.0 hours

Supplies or Other Requirements

Internet access* and valid/active e-mail account.

*You may use any internet browser you prefer; however, Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser, and Chrome may have compatibility issues. If you find that you are having technical difficulties with the course, first try updating and/or switching browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge).