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(These are the courses we have running through community colleges and other institutions.  Our On-Demand courses are always available.)


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How to register for one of our courses found in the schedule above:​​

  1. ​Use the search engine above to help you find the course(s) you want to take.

  2. ​Write down the information for the course(s) including course name, dates and course number (if available).

  3. ​Click on the school below that is offering the course(s) you are interested in taking.

  4. ​Follow the instructions on their page for registering.

To register for a course you must contact the institution that is offering our course and register through them.  For your convenience, we are building step by step guides for registering with each school we contract with.  Click on the school that you want to register with and follow the instructions for getting registered and beginning your course.

On Demand Courses

Our On-Demand courses offer you the flexibility to register, pay, and begin your course within minutes.