Wilson Community College




Course Information​:

Pay close attention to the start date of your course. You will not have access to the course until the very first day of class (generally by 08:00 am).​

NOTE: if this is your first time taking a class with this institution, you may not have access to their system until the first day of class.


LMS Platform:​

(The delivery vehicle of your classes)​

​Wilson Community College uses the Moodle LMS Platform for course delivery.  The recommended browser for Moodle is Mozilla Firefox version 7.0 or higher. If you do not have Mozilla Firefox, you can download it from this link

Wilson Community College has created an Online Orientation for students new to Moodle.


Username & Password:​​

Username: Your user name will be your first initial, last initial, and the last four digits of your student ID

Example:  Alyssa B. Starn with a student ID of 123456789 would be: as6789

Password: Your password will be your date of birth (mmddyy)Example: 01/03/1988 would be: 010388


Find Help​:

Kyle Willis, RN, BSN, NRP Level II Instructor

EMS Coordinator

(252) 246-1296


​​Registration Guide

​​​​​​​​​Step 1: ​Go to Wilson's Continuing Education for EMS page.​​


​Step 2: Scroll to near the bottom of the page where you will fine the "Online EMT" classes.Step 3: Click on the button in the “ID” column for the course you want to register for.

Step 4:  Read their terms for OE, Course Repeats, and Cancellation Policy and click the button to “Accept Terms and Register”

​Step 5:  Complete the Registration form and click “Submit”​

*Example below