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On-Demand EMT Refresher 2022

On-Demand EMT Refresher 2022


Course Description

Course Description: This
course is 100% approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS.
Successful completion of this course will meet ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR NORTH CAROLINA Recredentialing and/or Re-entry* in the NC EMS System.

*Re-entry:   Re-entry
is the term used when a North Carolina Provider has allowed his/her
credential to expire.   As long as the credential has not been expired
for more than 3 years, he/she may complete an approved refresher course
and then sit for the state credentialing exam.

Course Delivery/Design:   This
course has been designed such that students may enter and exit the
course at various times throughout the year. The nature of the course
allows students to complete the Refresher course whenever their schedule
will allow without being forced to wait for scheduled courses that may
not be convenient or may require multiple visits to long distance sites.
Students will have access to instructors and support throughout the
entire course through e-mail, text, or telephone. Students will be
required to schedule an in-Person skills evaluation and Technical Scope
of Practice.

Course Learning Objectives: This course was designed following the North
Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services 2016 document “EMS Refresher
Educational Program Guideline.”   The
curriculum for this refresher course exceeds the National Education Standards
curricula requirements for re-credentialing. This refresher course is intended
for the EMS community to use for recredentialing their Paramedic.

National Registry Disclaimer:
This course includes and EXCEEDS the required National Continuing
Competency Program (NCCP) 40 hours as outlined by the National

Please note: The National Registry has a policy on “Distributive
and the use of those hours to meet CE requirements.
According to the NREMT Recertification Requirements a total of 24 hours (7 National Component, 7 Local/State Component, 10 Individual Component) of “Distributive Education“ may be used.   Make sure you are aware of
this policy and apply the hours you receive through this course

Common Questions Regarding the NREMT:

Is this course considered “Distributive Education” by the NREMT?
Our Response:   Yes.
All of the hours delivered online are considered “Distributive
Education.”   However, the hours (4-8) you gain from the skills and TSOP
are NOT considered Distributive.

Will the National Registry accept your course?

Our Response: Yes! According to the NREMT, to be considered “Valid Continuing Education” the course must be approved through a “”¦State EMS office or the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE)  “  

This course is 100% approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS.

I don’t live/work in North Carolina, will the NREMT still accept your course?

Our Response: Yes! We
have spoken to the NREMT and confirmed that a course does not have to be
approved by any particular state* agency. As long as ONE STATE AGENCY
approves the course, the NREMT will accept the course.

state may require a different approval process than NREMT.   Please make sure you are familiar with your local requirements.   We are confident
in the quality of our course and would be more than happy to submit it
to any agency necessary for approval.


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