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Post-Resuscitation Care ALS

Post-Resuscitation Care ALS



Course Description

Course Description

This course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to rapidly provide post-resuscitation care following cardiac arrest. The following additional topics will be covered:

“¢ Identification, assessment, and management of patients before and after the Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC).
“¢ Definitions, epidemiology, anatomy, and pathophysiology principles.
“¢ Basic Cardiac Life Support recommendations (AHA guidelines).
“¢ Common causes of cardiac arrest and basic principles.
“¢ Identifying and managing specific EKG changes.
“¢ Scene safety and scene size-up.
“¢ Special considerations.
“¢ Cardiac medications.
“¢ Capnography.


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Supplies or Other Requirements

Internet access* and valid/active e-mail account.

*You may use any internet browser you prefer; however, Mozilla Firefox is the preferred
browser, and Chrome may have compatibility issues. If you find that you are having
technical difficulties with the course, first try updating and/or switching browsers
(Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)