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VLE Bundle – ALS Trauma Scenarios

VLE Bundle – ALS Trauma Scenarios


Course Description

Are you ready to listen to heart tones and lung sounds through the chaos of a noisy scene? Immerse yourself in virtual emergency care and fine-tune your skills through these expertly designed virtual learning experiences.

This bundle contains 10 pulse-pounding interactive scenarios that will test your knowledge and skills in a Trauma Emergency.

In each VLE, the provider will tackle a unique patient care experience. Providers should be prepared to think critically and virtually immerse themselves in simulated trauma scenes; a variety of assessments and life-or-death treatment decisions for adult and pediatric patients will be presented. 


This bundle contains the following courses:

  • VLE: “At Least My Bike is Okay!”
  • VLE: “Don’t Call Me ‘Gramps’!”
  • VLE: “Born to be Wild”
  • VLE: “Over-Corrected”
  • VLE: “Sibling Rivalry”
  • VLE: “Up in Smoke”
  • VLE: “Don’t Make it Personal”
  • VLE: “The Tough Guy”
  • VLE: “Bow Hunting the Golf Course”
  • VLE: “One New Message”



Total CEU

20.0 hours


Supplies or Other Requirements

Internet access* and valid/active e-mail account.

*You may use any internet browser you prefer; however, Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser, and Chrome may have compatibility issues. If you find that you are having technical difficulties with the course, first try updating and/or switching browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge).